Welcome to the SynthFan website!

Welcome to SynthFan; a synthesizer fansite. This is the synthesizer section of my website fully devoted to (soft) synthesizers and sound synthesis, basically a place where I can spout of a little and share stuff directly related to my all time hobby (or passion).

Its a bit of a ‘work in progress’ since I’m still constantly changing several parts of the website, but maybe some day I’ll consider it fully ready 😎

About the website

As mentioned above the site is aimed at synthesizers and sound synthesis in general. In particular it’s focused on the gear I work with and really got to appreciate. Here I’m sharing my experiences, failures, successes as well as several hints and tips.

The site has two main sections; the website and the blog. The website itself is a collection of pages where I comment on my synthesizer gear, share some tips and tricks and put some of my material available for download. This material consists of presets and Max for Live or Max patches.

The second section is the blog where I’ll be publishing articles about anything which comes to mind. From rants and ‘editorials’ right down to tips & tricks and maybe a news item too every now and then. If something catches my attention then it can end up on my blog.

Of course in the end this is all but a hobby for me (more like a passion), but I still hope all of this can be of some use to some of you out there as well. But most of all I hope it will be fun. Because in the end I strongly believe that having fun is what it is all about…