Welcome, more to come soon enough!


Welcome to my very first blog.  Yeah, I know; in a time where most people resort to YouTube movies because writing and reading is sooo passe these days here I am opening a blog

Well, I’m not someone who likes to “go with the masses” but instead prefers to do what he thinks works best for him.  And for me that’s writing, and so; this is the main result.

What can be expected?

This whole website is going to be fully dedicated to my main hobby; synthesizers. SO expect many stories about sound design, synthesizer software, hardware, programming, and so on. Apart from some rants every now and then as well of course.

The website will be aimed at providing some common information and news about synths and daw’s in general, as well as finally providing an official place for me to host my Max for Live patches. This blog is going to be used to discuss and talk about several topics and finally the supporting photo album provides for a place to share several kinds of photo’s.  From screen shots for illustrative purposes to logo’s and icons which are to be used on public sections of the website.

Alas….  Enough for now; you can expect more soon enough.


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  1. Just compare the Reason 4 trailer in my latest entry which gives you a good indication of the features which were introduced in Reason 4. Stuff like Thor, the Groove mixer, Arpeggio and the sequencer rehaul.

    Compared to Reason 5’s Kong, Octorex, Blocks and live sampling I’m not too sure about the real impact anymore.

    Thor simply crushed many competitors in terms of flexibility and options and quite frankly it still does today (I guess one of the reasons why it didn’t got any updates). But Kong is heavily underpowered when compared to a drumrack available in Ableton Live.

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