Reason 4 all the way!

Reason logo

…But the protection scheme could use some tune-ups.

I’m very fond of synthesizers, and I’m taking a big interest in software synths in particular. I’m planning to dive a little more into the reasoning behind it, but at a later time, also when I’ve become a little more used to blogging.

Now, my main DAW of choice is Ableton Live, to be specific Suite 8. Although it can do a lot there is always some room open for expansion. When it comes to that I am a critic; you won’t see me collecting every free VST plugin available on the Net because quite frankly I think its often not so much a matter of (sound) quality which makes people expand, but more of time saving when it comes to producing a certain sound or effect. Note; often, not always of course.

Yet I’ve grown to love Reason as much as I love Live. Both programs almost seem to be tailor made to fit each other like a glove. And no; I’m not merely commenting on the (usual) options one has when using rewire to connect 2 DAW’s together.

Reason 4

Now that Reason 5 is out many people tend to forget or ignore all about any previous version. Even the authors themselves. The one thing I’ve never come to understand…   Note that this isn’t just about the Propellerheads or Reason, the reason I’m mentioning them here is because its the most recent example so far.

Although Reason is relatively cheap (compared to other DAW (-like) programs) tailoring at approx. E 300,- its still quite an investment for many. So now that Reason 5 is out why not sell Reason4 with a discount?

One problem could be the upgrade. The Propellerheads company has always maintained an upgrade policy stating that you could upgrade from whatever Reason version right to the latest for only E 100,-.  But is this really a big problem?  Say I could buy Reason 4 for E 200,- (so got a E 100,- discount). Now I decide to upgrade to Reason 5, I pay another E 100,- and wham; I end up paying the exact same amount of cash as I would have when buying Reason 5 right away.

Poor copy protection

The only downside to Reason I can come up with is its poor copy protection scheme.  It starts with the demo version which cannot load or save and quits after 20 minutes of operation. If you’re seriously trying to give this a testrun then 20 minutes just isn’t enough. In all fairness; if you setup a rewire connection, then start testing certain aspects it doesn’t just quit; it simply stops responding to keyboard or mouse input while continuing to play.

Either way; I ended up downloading a cracked version just so that I could experiment for a couple of hours straight to make up my mind. And when my mind was made up ended up buying it as well; I want my synthesizer gear to be legal. Its much more enjoyable this way in my humble opinion.

Still, when Reason 5 came out I quickly discovered that it can get even worse.

Problem is that you cannot use one Reason version besides the other without continuously having to re-activate it. Which boils down to entering the DVD so that the software can check the validity of your media and re-entering your serial numbers every time you start the other version. This gets frustrating really quick when you’re trying Reason 5 and want to quickly compare a certain feature with Reason.

I ended up looking up that cracked version I mentioned above so that I could do some easier comparisons.

Either way…  Reason 5 is here now and there is no denying that its a major upgrade indeed.  But I still say lets not ignore Reason 4 either. Just because 5 is out doesn’t mean 4 has become obsolete. Not by a long shot!