One week skip (or dip if you will)…

Its no fun…

When you’re minding your own business and suddenly get a call from your parents who took a short break from their few days vacation telling you that their house got burglarized.  Fortunately the mess was more severe than the actual damage, but its still no fun what so ever.

So I spend most of my time this week helping them out besides work, as such it didn’t leave much room for anything else.

I am planning on a review of the Yamaha C24 audio recorder which I recently got (with many thanks to my gf for that) but for now I’m kinda not fully motivated.

So instead of making a half-pined entry I’m skipping this week (sorta) and will finish this up during the weekend and the beginning of next week.


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  1. Well, thanks for the effort, anyway. Sorry to hear about your parents’ misfortune. Hope you get things back on an even keel soon.
    Ciao . . .

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