The big trio

Its been some time since my last post (according to GoDaddy 20 days already) but that’s mainly because I finally managed to complete the website…   Not because of the “massive” e-mail reactions I got because of my latest blog entry (3 in total). I have to admit being surprised that it even triggered such reactions. Still, I’m even more surprised to learn that some people actually take offense to that post. In all honesty I think my post would really be “obnoxious” if I had added direct links to all the movies which I deemed either amateurish or plain out wrong. That would be a personal attack.  And that is really all I have to say about it.


When it comes to audio and music there are 3 programs which I consider to be “the big trio”. And as such I’m very happy that I finally managed to realize my plans on devoting separate sections on the website specifically to these three programs. Wondering what they are?

That’s simple: Ableton Live (‘Suite’) , Max (for Live) and Reason 4.

And well, if you want to know a little bit as to the ‘why’ then I guess you have no other option to visit those new pages

In short I think that these programs excel with regards to their interoperability. Within this aspect I have a special soft spot for Reason 4 since it was by design that it can only be used as a rewire slave instead of a master. Which in my opinion makes it the perfect expansion no matter what DAW you already have (provided of course that this DAW supports rewire and can act as a rewire master).

Next is Live, but we can cut this short since Ableton Live simply is my all time favorite DAW. There is so much you can do with it yet with so little effort. The interface itself simply comes natural so to speak..  I really enjoy it to keep on discovering new possibilities and options even though the option being used was something I was already familiar with (yet not with the way it was being used in the latest example).

And well..  I think the Max interoperability with Live through the means of Max for Live (‘M4L’) is simply brilliant. It provides for so much extra features and enhancements; whatever you want to do in Live which cannot be accomplished at this time: chances are high that you will prevail with using M4L.

And finally..  The last addition to the website is the ‘About’ page. Simply giving some background information on the why and how with regards to the website as well as providing the policy statements involved.

So to end this short blog entry I’d like to especially thank the guys at Ableton & Propellerhead software for allowing me to use the material which I found on their websites on my own website. Maybe not a “big deal”, but I still like the idea that my website plays by the rules, even those which aren’t written. I strongly believe in “credit where credit’s due”.

Now, if only the CEO of the company who creates the operating system I use to run my audio software and setup this website would also get its act together I’d be even more happy…  I really have a hard time taking that guy serious any time soon


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