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Some people recalled my ‘ReasonAble’ project and were wondering what the current status is since I haven’t mentioned this for quite some time now. SO I figured I might as well use my blog to get more into this.



When it comes to DAW’s my two all time favourites are Ableton Live and Reason. One thing I really enjoy about working with Live is the interoperability with the APC40. Having the ability to work with actual dials, buttons and faders makes it a lot more fun to work with Live. Sure; its not perfect and as such not a full replacement for my mouse and keyboard, but I think that’s the price you pay for working with soft synths.

When diving more into Reason I learned that all of Reason’s devices can be controlled by sending in specific midi control messages. And the fun part to all this is that they even documented all the details you might want to know.

And that got me thinking…


ReasonAble is a Max for Live patch I’m working on with the ultimate goal to be able and control Reason from within Live using my APC40. The current status is alpha (its not available for download just yet) and I have managed to get some small details to work. Like the screenshot you see above; that one is actually capable of controlling a combinator object in Reason.

So by using the device controls on the APC40 I can actually turn the 4 rotaties and enable or disable the 4 buttons.

The idea is that when you setup a midi track in Live to control a Reason device over ReWire you can then use ReasonAble to fully control this device. Eventually this should also allow you to automate certain Reason parameters using Live’s regular interface (automation in the arrangement view for example).

Current status

Right now I have managed to setup a few alpha’s which can be used to control certain Reason devices; but it gets a little difficult since I have to manage approx. 127 control messages whereas I can only setup 64 controls on the APC40. So not only do I need to be very careful when checking which parameters I do want to be able to control; I also need to make sure to focus on the most useful parameters.

Reasonable controlling Thor

I have worked my way around the basic setup. At first I was trying to come up with several different schemes (sub patches) which would be used to control each individual Reason device, but that turned out not to be a good idea since you cannot add or remove M4L controls on the fly.

So right now I’m focused on setting up a patch which can send out the full number of controls (127, or 64) and simply changes its looks (and the labels) based on the instrument you’re controlling.

Right now I’m slowly finishing up my inventory to get a good overview on the kind of objects I’m dealing with and which M4L objects I should use. For example; above you also see some buttons available, right now I’m not too sure if I’ll leave those in.

And there you have it…  Work in progress and it still continues. As soon as I have a good working prototype I’ll be sure to put it online in here.


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  1. one idea would be to make several devices, each that offers all controls of a reason device, so basically one device per reason device and release them as a library. add a subtractor in reason, add a midi track and set to control reason, add a subtractor m4l device and instant automation capabilities from live, hooks to all parametres subtractor has. hard work, but probably easier then to sit around and figure out the most important parametres etc + it gives you full freedom to control ANYTHING in reason, rather then only the most important ones. but hey, you’re the patcher not me 😉 tell you this though; i’d buy it in a heartbeat.

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