(belated) Happy newyear!

Its going to be another 2-posts short after one other kind of week; I’m currently busy with writing up a (brief, but thorough) tutorial on regular expressions. It’s a Max thing

Anyway, got a ‘complaint’ this year; someone thought my blog and site was somewhat dead and was kinda disappointed. Sorry about that but work and life has been busy lately and I somewhat didn’t have much inspiration (I don’t write just to write, that’s boring; both for you guys and me).

One year of Live

This period is somewhat special for me since its exactly one year ago when I dived head first into Live.

One year ago I started with Live (Suite) 8 and around January expanded on it by adding Max for Live. Now I own both Live as my main environment and have expanded on it quite heavily with Reason, Komplete Elements, Max and several individual sounds and effects.

And what a year it was…

Not only did I manage to pick up on a real synthesizer (and basically not just one but several) which has been my main drive to begin with, I even managed to take this into crazy directions as well; referring to stuff like Reason and Max for Live here. And the best part is that I got to (virtually) “meet” a lot of different people out there who in the overall shared my appreciation and fascination for this wonderful hobby (that’s what it is to me).

But what I really like about all this is my growing fascination for sound design(s). Sounds, when applied properly, can really move you. I don’t merely mean dancing and moving, I also mean provoking (sometimes emotional) responses.

Alas, I’m keeping this post a bit short; a “M4L regexp tutorial” is coming up shortly after…

My personal highlights of 2010

Now, this isn’t some ‘fancy’ list about the “best” developments or products or whatever. This is simply a short list of highlights and developments which I consider to be milestones of the past year, usually because it has affected me one way or the other. Nothing more, nothing less and in a rather random order as well…

“Quality statement” by Gerhard Behles (CEO of Ableton GmbH)

I may be an Ableton Live ‘fanboy’ (and not too proud to admit it either) but I think no matter how you look at it this was a daring and bold move. First it was a clear recognition that the problems which many people were experiencing with Live 8 at that time were real. Second it was a bold commitment towards all users of Ableton Live that the company would be taking (more) drastic steps in an attempt to get rid of the misery.

When looking at the current (at the time of writing) version of 8.2.1 and more importantly: the common discussed topics on the Ableton forums I think they’ve done a good job so far.

Release of Reason 5 and Record 1.5

Now, although I don’t use either of these products (I prefer Reason 4 myself and since Live is my core environment I have no use for Record) I do think its an important event. Because in a way the Propellerhead software company has both been doing a bit of catching up (for example; adding sampling capabilities to Reason 5) as well as re-defining some of the standards (again). An example of that is IMO their Neptune pitch adjuster.

It maybe coincidental, sure, but I think its peculiar nonetheless that after this event we’ve seen other companies which included the same kind of pitch adjustment effects in their setup as well. I’m well aware that this technique existed way before Neptune was even being developed; this is only speculation on my part.

Release of the Native Instruments freely available Komplete players

The reason why I deem this a milestone is not so much because of the freebie itself (which is quite useful on its own, don’t get me wrong), but because they’ve basically given you the tools which allow you to enjoy whatever instrument or effect they have in their shop without the need to pay up more than just the amount to purchase said instrument or effect.

For a company which doesn’t so much produce their own DAW yet specializes at enhancing the already existing ones being around I think this is a very important step to take.

Zenmonkey who developed a way to send midi data from Reason to another DAW using Rewire

With today’s standards this cannot be done, but Zenmonkey developed some scripts which simply make this possible  anyway. See this previous post for more information on the matter.

Introduction of the Ableton Live Partner Instruments

I’m a sucker for Asian (-like) sounds. Its what made me trace back the string sounds which you hear in the opening of the demo movie. This led up to me picking up the Soniccouture Guzheng without much of  a thought.

Yet I went totally ballistic (even on the Ableton forums) after I discovered my all-time favorite Partner instrument to date in the middle of the night…   The Sonica Japanese Taiko percussion.

To give you a rough impression as to what Taiko drummers can be capable of:

Native Instruments 50% webstore discount sale

NI went wild and the synth world roared in appreciation. Its what got me drawn towards some excellent synths and instrument packs (?) such as Absynth 5 and North India.

The release of Gran Turismo 5 on Playstation 3

Oh noes, here he goes again with the offtopic blabbering!

Sorry you guys but yes, offtopic as it may be I’m still including this one. Unfortunately Maschine didn’t manage to “get me through” the holiday season so to speak because it turned out to be broken down when it arrived (close to Dead On Arrival). GT5 on the other hand has managed to pull me into the game for quite some long hours indeed. Love the game, love the graphics, the car handling, the freedom being given to you and I love the stuff which you can do with it.

So to close this short post:

Coming up next time: Regular Expressions in Max for Live (and Max obviously). No worries; its not as scary as it may look, I’m trying very hard not to turn this into a dry technical load of mumbo jumbo!



  1. Seems you know what you say but…

    So what big (BIG) companies used waveforms after Reason?

  2. Waveforms?  You mean pitch adjusters I assume?

    Can’t speak for all of ‘m but for example..  Tim Exile’s “The Mouth” instrument (for N.I.’ s Reaktor). One of its key features is pitch adjustment. Or what to think of the latest FL studio release; one of the key features is a pitch adjusting tool.

    And iirc (but I’m not sure since I didn’t really follow the news on this) same can be said about the latest Cubase 6.

    I just think its odd that this feature seems to pop up more often now.

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