Things are not going too well right now…

Just a quick heads up to assure people who are still looking into the blog and website from time to time that its not fully dead and that I’m still keeping an eye out (for example making sure some pesky spammers are being kept quiet).

At first I had very little free time to spare due to a major project which I’m working on for my own company (non-synth related).

Right now another issue surfaced; a family member has been hospitalized which makes everything a whole lot harder. Quite frankly I feel like sh*t, am a little stressed out and the fact that I’ve been away so long from my favorite hobby also is not really helping.

Anyway, going to try and slowly pick up again soon.



  1. well, i’m still reading it anyways. sorry to hear about your family mate, hope things will work out properly for you guys. as for the spammers, perhaps manual confirmation might be a good thing. it’s tedious, but it doesn’t post spam automatically, so you can have some control over it anyways. looking forward for future reads. take care.

  2. Sorry to hear about that family stuff… I really like ur blog and site; and hope you get stuff sorted out.

    Best to your family!

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