Tribute to Fall Silently

Fall Silently authorsFall Silently is a dance track which was used on a demo video featuring the upcoming new features of FL Studio 9.7, see this link. The cool thing is that FL Studio was also heavily (if not solely) used to create the track.  And if you really like working with a program; what can be cooler than having your music featured in one of their official videos ?

So; on the left you can see Christoph Maitland, Toby Emerson together with Veela.

I recently got their 2 track album thanks to a friendly guy at the Ableton forums who I helped out with a Max for Live problem (you know who you are!).

Todays DAW environments are awesome. They can provide everything you need to help you either create, compose, edit or process audio. Easily.

Yet this can also work against us I’m afraid. Because everything is so completely setup these days it also becomes very easy to take a track, slice it to smaller sound material and then use that to make a remix. So; basically using original material to turn it into something of your own.

Basically nothing wrong with that, esp. if the artists themselves don’t mind. Still, I got a little annoyed when I was searching for this track the other day and came across many remixes. Where some didn’t even mention that it was a remix. Could be perfectly ok with everyone, I don’t know. But I simply didn’t really like what I saw.

And so I felt a small tribute to the original cast was in order. For more information on the album please see this interview with Veela. And finally; if you’re interested in purchasing their album (I can really recommend it; its very nice music) you can do so at their beatport webpage. You can use the player I embedded below to listen to the track and also go to their SoundCloud webpage.

Christoph Maitland & Toby Emerson ft Veela – Fall Silently (Progressive Mix) by Toby Emerson