Exciting news: SynthFan.info goes ‘Cycling’!

Exciting news

…SynthFan.info goes “Cycling” (’74). 

Some of you wondered why synthfan.catslair.org has never done any interviews. That got me thinking, real hard even. And given the exciting times we’re in now (rumors are spreading about Live 9, Cycling ’74 has already announced Max 6, Native Instruments are full speed ahead into the next Komplete and Propellerhead is preparing to combine the forces of Reason and Record) I decided to start asking around….

I contacted my favorite companies and asked them if anyone would be willing to participate in an interview with “SynthFan.info”. My main stance here was that their new product(s) doesn’t necessarily have to be included in the interview. Call me crazy if you will but lets be honest…

New developments are always quite exciting. But the main issue here is that everyone wants to know as much as they can about them. Rightfully so for sure, but even despite these exciting times I wanted to focus first on the company and the stuff they do. Some specific questions about some of their products and the things around them, maybe even the way they feel their work has influenced the market. And then – only if I’m allowed (and time permits) – also a few questions on the new developments.

You may have guessed by now…  I got a positive reply from Cycling ’74 that they want to go ahead with it. Not just that..  Cycling ’74 is really excited about the upcoming Max 6, so they don’t see a problem with sharing some details about it either!

Needless to say but I’m quite excited.


I can’t make any promises here since we still need to work out the details on the interview, but in all honesty you guys started it. So its only fair that you also get some influence in all this.

SO… if there’s anything you want to ask the Cycling ’74 company now is the time to do so. If you have any questions then please ask them in the comment section below (do make it clear its one for the interview please!) and then I’ll see how I can add them to the interview.

Disclaimer: I cannot make any promises here. Especially since we haven’t worked out the details yet. But I do promise that I will keep everything in the comment section in mind. That is; if you guys actually have anything to share.

Small private comment but I can already see some of you out there going “No way! Dribble“.



  1. No way! 🙂

    Very cool news indeed, I am looking forward to this one. Should be an interesting interview!

    Questions… I often wondered how big the Cycling ’74 company is.

  2. noway! 😮

    one thing i’m curious about is what drives them to continue to develop max/msp in general seeing that the community is more or less providing them with new externals and stuff on a regular basis. i understand that they want to push out updates and stuff but, for example, the new UI overhaul, was that based on user feedback or just a decision they made? of course i guess we all are interested to see what they are doing in the future with ableton as well 😉 but yeah, mainly interested in what drives them to push out more stuff etc. to me, their software seems pretty much complete as is.

  3. Cool!

    this is what I like about ur blog; its totally different.

    My question for the interview would be “Is Max 6 going to be 64 bit? I know it does 64 calculations, but will there be a 64 bit version too?”

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