We’re back alive! (barely)

We’re back alive!

…at least making a good attempt at it.

First of all apologies for being idle for so long. The main problem is that SynthFan.info is but a hobby (though more of a passion) and if you’re trying to setup your own company there’s only so much spare time left to spend…

But I am making a good start to pick up where I left off, here’s the first status update.

As it turned out switching from GoDaddy’s ‘Quick Blogcast’ to WordPress proved to be more difficult than anticipated. The 2 most important reasons for that were me not being fully familiar with WordPress and WordPress itself having some issues with importing all the posts and comments as they were setup on GoDaddy.

As some of you have noticed (and mailed me, thanks!) there is an issue with the pictures on several posts. Besides the pictures some of my posts also suffer(ed) from layout issues, garbage slipping in (due to UTF8 incompatibility), spam (but most of that has been solved now), and an overal lack of new contents.

But we’re coming back!

I’ve been busy adding some more structure to my WordPress environment, also making sure it would check that posts would meet certain requirements to get the posts (and the sites) easier into search engines such as Google and Bing.

Next to that I also made sure to install a good spam checker and decided that I’d add a maximum amount of time where you can comment on posts (approx. 1 month, but I’m still not sure if it shouldn’t be 2 months). After that you can no longer comment.

Some people commented on the sometimes silly avatars which were shown with the posts. I also changed that behavior; now my blog fully supports Gravatar. This is a site which can help you setup your own avatar(s) to be used on sites such as mine. Finally no more nonsense.

What’s new, what’s old and what needs an update ?

If you check the main blog overview you’ll see several posts which have a link “Read more…”.  Those posts have been updated and should now fully comply to the new standards. Optimized for search engines, all images back online and even readable (the Cycling ’74 interview really looked horrid up until now).

I’m trying to update one post per day, but most likely this is going to turn into updating several posts per week. The first batch has been updated (the last posts, right down to my tribute to Fall Silently). The next update will include the full tutorial on regular expressions. I know several people who have been rather dissappointed that the pictures were gone; rest assured they’ll be back very soon.

We are back alive!

Thanks for your patience, I hope this thing is still turned on 😉



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  1. Totally forgot to mention that the website is undergoing some changes too. Its fully embedded into WordPress and the tribute pages to my favorite soft synths will be soon back online!

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