Gangnam Style tribute


Every once in a while you come across something so simple yet so special that you just can’t help share it with the world. Well, this video clip fully meets that description…  South Korean rapper and singer Park Jae-Sang, who goes by the alias of PSY, has released his latest album easily named “Psy 6”. It features a song ‘Gangnam style’ which is so catchy that most people immediately drawn into it.

Add to this a funny new dance move and you have all the ingredients for something which is hard not to like. And that is just what has happened; Gangnam Style has gone viral in no time. The video clip, as shown below, has already been watched 16 million times and these numbers are still steadily growing.

What makes ‘Gangnam style’ so special?  Apart from the music I think its mostly the no-nonsense way the video is done. It even seems to make fun of other well known clips by showing some plain out absurd scenes while still managing to remain quite catchy.

Still, enough talk. I’d say see for yourself:

OP OP OPPA Gangnam Style!

And if you liked watching this one then be sure to check out PSY’s Youtube channel where he shares plenty of other video’s as well. The ‘Making off Gangnam style’ is really fun to watch!


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  1. OH MY GOD!

    Love this stuff, its frickin awesome!

    dont understand ONE word he’s saying but MAN!

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