APCP4d – Turn your APC40 into a drumpad!

The APCP4d Max for Live patch


So I hacked my APC40 last weekend; and that resulted in the patch you see here. If you pull the APCP4d MIDI effect onto a track and add a drumrack to it the indicator at the bottom will light up. Then all that’s left to do is to turn the device on and the upper 4 x 4 grid of the APC40 button matrix is now a drumpad. Thanks to the velocity control you can even configure…  well; you figure that one out 😀

You can play notes which give you sound and visual feedback, or you can play MIDI clips which will then also give you visual feedback. Turn the device off and the grid returns to its normal (previous) state.

Details: The patch automatically checks your configuration and uses the first APC40 it can find. There is a small bug when playing 2 notes at once (then one button can remain lit) but that’s only a minor annoyance.

There you have it; you can grab this from my M4L download page or on its MaxForLive.com page. Hope you’ll enjoy this one; its my ugliest patch so far (the ‘matrix’ control is kinda messy) 😆



  1. Holy crap, when did u make this thing?!

    sweeet!! Works like a charm, velocity doesn’t stalls a bit but its awesome anyway.


  2. Finally! I been searching for something like this a long time now!!

    could you make it so that you can use it to record and playback, like they do in the launchpad movie? that would be cool!

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