Wanted: Betatesters for LOM.Navigator project…

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The LOM.Navigator is a M4L patch I made a few years ago and can be used to navigate through the Live Object Model, thus allowing you to find information about the several classes and their associated properties and functions. For a good overview check out this tutorial page. As a whole the Navigator worked out pretty well I think, but it does have a few bugs here and there.

Bugs which I want out of the way, so I’m working on the next release. What am I looking for: owners of Live together with Max for Live who have some Max for Live experience and some understanding of the Live Object Model. It would be really cool if you have a MIDI controller / control surface but that’s not required.

What is required is that you’re willing to test some (not dangerous!) beta code in search for bugs and of course report any bugs you find to me. And if you have any tips or ideas those are very welcome too!  In return you’ll get fame and glory by being mentioned in the upcoming patch as an official beta tester. Interested? Then read on…

Let me be honest; the main reason why I’m going to put this project in front of all my others is the fact that I feel like I’ve opened up Pandora’s box when I started hacking my APC40 last weekend. And with hacking I mean hacking; iow; not taking anything for granted any more and even going as far as trying the impossible.

For example try this patch on for size:

An impossible patch.It should be easy to note that this patch is impossible. After all; the ‘control_surfaces x’ is one of the root objects in the LOM, which means so much as that this is a starting point, the documentation even says as much.

So if I press the right button then the left I should get an error right?

Replace ‘control_surfaces 0’ (which is my APC40) with something as “live_set” or “live_app” and you get something like this:

“print: info No object”.

However, with this patch you’ll get something completely different. You’ll actually get an object of the type list: “print: info description list() -> new list list(sequence) -> new list initialized from sequence’s items”.

I’ll take it one step further, check this out:

Hacking the APC40
Some tests & description outcomes of my hacking attempts.

I’m going to explain all this in a later (on topic) blog post. But to give you some idea as to what is going on: I’m actually going “into” a function after which you can grab some extra information about that function and some of its system calls.

Partly usable when navigating through live_app and live_set (left part), but when you’re going into the control_surfaces section (right part) you’ll soon discover that you can go a whole lot deeper than you may first realize.

Needless to say: this kind of functionality is going into the next version of my LOM.Navigator.

How can you apply?

If you’re still interested and would like to help me out then you can do either of these things:

  • Leave a reaction below & mention your real e-mail address. Your e-mail address won’t be put online nor shared with others.
  • Send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page (lower left corner). Same applies; it won’t be shared with others.
  • Find me on the Ableton forum and drop me a message there.

I’m currently re-writing my patch without adding any new functionality. This should wield out the bugs with the properties which sometimes don’t show up.

Then I’m going to add the “function explorer” part (see above) which allows you to actually expand on the several available functions. And that will be put into the first beta. I have no ETA, this is pretty much unplanned. Normally I do some blog post(s) and minor stuff during some evening in the week and the heavy stuff in the weekend.

Right, hope to hear from someone!


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