Max for Live NetBeans plugin

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Java is a programming language designed and developed by Sun Microsystems. NetBeans is a Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which I have been using for years now and came to favour just as much as I favour Max when it comes to developing multimedia based programs.

Because I do so much in NetBeans where Java is concerned I had often played with the idea to develop a plugin which could provide support for Max / Max for Live development. Basically the idea of: Install my plugin and you’re ready for developing Max externals. Of course this did mean that I’d be distributing the Max Java API’s (libraries) and those aren’t mine to give away. So I told the guys at Cycling ’74 about my plans and I asked what they thought about it. Would it violate their policies?

Their answer? -> “Go for it, we’re more than happy for you to use the jars in your project.“. Now that is a company caring for its customers!

As such my new NetBeans plugin is live today. When installed you get the Max 5 Java API, 2 new project types for developing Max externals, 2 file templates (so you can easily add a new “Max object”), lots of handy keyboard shortcuts and finally a nice helpscreen.

To pick this up or if you want to know more, check the SynthFan Java page.