Pulsar: get it while you can!

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And so this evening I finally had a well deserved “synth evening”. Invited some friends over, we did a little experimenting and jamming (note: I’m more of a (sound) designer than an musician. but even so…  I like a good groove ;)) and I felt like writing up a quick comment.

Reason moving up the ladder

Honestly you guys; if you’re deeply involved with sound; processing (maybe even mastering), recording, mixing (esp. this!), and tweaking as a whole then I think you should be aware of a new player within the field. A player which used to be a “nobody” (within the explicit context of sound recording and processing) but has managed to come back with a bang. Yes; I am talking about Reason 6 which has now incorporated the Record part.

SO…  A quick heads up. Be aware that if you own Reason 6 or up you can download Pulsar for free until the 1st of October. Its hard to miss; the Props have it all across their website and Youtube channel (which gets them to score quite a few credits with me) so I kinda felt like sharing.

Time for some spam and one awesome introduction as to why I think Pulsar should be part of your default Reason rack (and the Props seem to feel the same; considering how you can pick it up for free).

And if you’re now wondering what the heck you saw; yes, this is the Props hard at work being plain out silly. But silly or not; as much as you may have laughed at this like I did (“Its not one LFO, Its not TWO LFOs” (sticks out 3 fingers) -> “It’s a MONO synth!”)…  There is truth in the whole thing.


Pulsar at work

You dear viewer might have watched the movie above and I hope you got a good taste of the kind of movies which Propellerhead software makes. Believe it or not: you can recreate this track above with the default Reason soundbank.

But to conclude: shop dot propellerheads dot se. That is shop.propellerheads.se. Visit before the first of October (2012) and if you’re a Reason owner you can get Pulsar for free.

And there you have it for today.