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I have been busy last weekend but not so much with posting (only on some forums) but spent more time working on my 2 current projects: the LOM.Navigator and my Reasonable device, I even found time for some quality synth sessions. So here’s a quick status update on the current situation.

However, I did add a new tutorial ‘Hacking the APC40‘ which is basically a more technical (“straight to the point”) version of my last blog posts. I consider this ‘work in progress‘ since I plan to add more contents in the upcoming weeks.

Right now my plan is to come up with some more APC40 information later this week, and I hope to be able to release the first Reasonable beta next weekend. I’ve setup a full modular design and can now spent time building the actual modules (each module controls one of the Reason devices).

Reasonable beta
Reasonable M4L device with the finished Combinator module loaded.