Musical tribute: Butterfly


I bet all of you know the feeling; you discover this cool new thing, whether its a synth, a new technique or a cool piece of music and you really want to share it with the rest of the world. Especially if its not that well known.

Well, that happened to me too when I first heard the music which you can listen to in the Youtube video below. And then I reminded myself that my site isn’t only devoted to music; its actually visited by quite a lot of you people out there besides some of my friends and myself 😉

So allow me to introduce a new blog category and weekly routine: the musical tribute. Every week I’m going to tribute a post to a piece of music which I think is really worth sharing with you guys.

The song this week is called “Butterfly”. It was created and performed by; a Swedish dance group. There are many different versions and videos available, the reason I picked this one is because this is the original 😉

If you want to know more about this group and the story behind my choice (I really hope you do) then please read on 🙂

As written above Smile is a Swedish dance group which as far as I know originally had 2 members: Veronica Almqvist and Cecilia Reiskog. Their group started around 1998 and was originally called Smile. But because of several ties with Denmark they quickly added the .dk extension to their name. DK being the official domain extension for Denmark.

The group has released several songs, amongst which Butterfly which you can hear above. The reason I strongly felt a tribute was in order was because of the song itself; I think its very catchy, but also because many people wrongly associate the song with Ayumi Hamasaki.

Ayumi Hamasaki is a Japanese popstar who has become well known for her dance music, she even sort of redefined trance music as a whole in her repertoire which is often referred to as “ayu-trance” (you can expect a tribute to one of her songs in a future tribute post).


Cover of the Butterfly song
The original cover for the Butterfly song.

Not only is Butterfly a very catchy tune, it also got recognized and picked up by Konami. They licensed the song and used it in one of their videogames; Dance Dance Revolution. actually has several ties with Japan and Anime in general, which is another reason why I picked that particular Youtube video up there.

Links & Conclusion

You can find the semi-official (automatically created) Youtube channel here.

Wikipedia has a webpage devoted to, you can find that here, even the Butterfly song has its own page, please find that here.

And there you have it; the first of many musical tributes to come.



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