Musical tribute: Bie de Lidl

De bende

In Holland we have a supermarket called “Lidl”; its key features are good quality products at rather low prices. The products are usually brands which aren’t very well known in Holland, but include those which are much more familiar in our neighbour country of Germany.

The “Bende mit pazzipanten” is a Dutch group of artists who started out with street performances in the ’80s and are now doing theatre shows (stand up comedy / sketches combined with songs).

One thing which made them stand out from the rest is their use of “Grunnings”; a dialect which is used in the northern regions of Holland. Add to that a very catchy song and the result is something which has been played on local radio stations for a very long time…

To learn more about “De bende mit pazzipanten” please see the dedicated web page from their marketing bureau here.