Musical tribute: Popcorn (Swedish chef style)


Popcorn is an electronic piece of music which I’m sure most of you will know. Although many people think about the group Hot Butter with Popcorn in mind they weren’t the original authors. The original Popcorn was composed by Gershon Kingsley in 1969, and was released on his album called Music to Moog by.

And I don’t think anyone doesn’t know about the muppets either.

Most will hopefully still remember the weekly “Muppet Show” where some celebrity would be invited to perform their number(s) while in the background all sorts of crazy things would go on.

Finally there’s the Swedish chef, who also doesn’t need an introduction I think. So what happens when he’s off to make some popcorn? Or, as the Chef puts it: “Poppa du corn with shimpees” (or something close enough)? Well, you can see for yourself right here, enjoy.