HALionSonic 2 is coming…

Several years ago someone from Steinberg popped up into the Ableton forum (a forum I happen to frequently visit and enjoy) asking for beta testers for their HALionSonic VST. HALionSonic (product page can be found here) is (I quote): “Steinberg’s premier VST workstation, featuring the latest sampling and synthesis technologies, a world-class library and an intelligent user interface that excels in the studio as well as on stage.“.

The latest version of this device “is finally just around the Corner”, and “we plan to start the betatest in about 2 weeks.”.

How do we know?¬† Well….

Being a Steinberg betatester

When people from Steinberg asked for testers I applied because I figured I could use the experience. I was also still kind of curious about the Steinberg products, because when I started my passion my initial DAW choice ended between Ableton Live & Cubase. So I applied, and got accepted.

And after that pretty much nothing. I gained access to a forum, but no betatest forum. I was given access to a marketplace where I could buy some Steinberg products with a “beta tester discount”, but nothing was provided to betatest.

Needless to say but I soon didn’t care that much anymore to be a betatester and kindly wrote that I no longer wanted to participate.

Once you’re in…

I guess companies like Steinberg simply can’t imagine that anyone would be willing to give up on the opportunity of purchasing their software with a discount. It’s the only explanation I can come up with, because I keep getting e-mails. Despite several requests to stop doing that.

Unfortunately Steinberg simply doesn’t seem to be very intelligent on this matter, just read this without trying to laugh out loud:

(actual header from a recent e-mail)

The following is an e-mail sent to you by an administrator of “Steinberg Media Technologies”. If this message is spam, contains abusive or other comments you find offensive please contact the webmaster of the board at the following address:


Include this full e-mail (particularly the headers).

Seriously you guys, I kid you not. THIS is the kind of professionalism you sometimes have to cope with when you’re dealing with “Steinberg Media Technologies”.

Well, I did my best and have asked them numerous of times NOT to continue sending me these e-mails. So if they insist I might as well use the information for my blog. Obviously this won’t turn into something nasty, I’m not going to overdo it by dumping everything in here.

But, for your amusement and information:

after a lengthy dry spell  and an unpreventable neglect HALionSonic 2 is
finally just around the Corner.

With a bunch of long requested workflow improvements, many new interesting effects and features, new sound-engines and of course hundreds of new sounds which make use of the new advanced possibilities.

We plan to start the betatest in about 2 weeks.

…which also listed the e-mail address of the person overlooking the beta testing (one Mr. Junge) but I also wrote him on several occasions and also without any results.

So there you have it; HALionSonic 2 is coming.