WordPress Tribute: A word of thanks!

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When I started with this awesome hobby (more like a passion) of sound synthesis I quickly knew that I wanted a website; something to share my experiences and stupidities. A mixture between showing off a little bit and sharing how great of a setup I think I got; hopefully also inspiring others in the process.

The thing quickly started to live a life of its own; to my surprise I managed to attract quite some attention and positive feedback. The site started out with GoDaddy and later turned into this WordPress powered place you see before you now.

WordPress is the kind of free software which powers blogs and websites such as mine, it’s actively maintained and used by millions. Most of all its something you’ll quickly and easily take for granted.

And that’s why I felt like writing this post…

Why use WordPress?

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Article creation in progress…

Simple…  To make it easier on yourself to build and maintain your own website, especially if you’re also planning to maintain a blog of some sort.

Using only your browser you can quickly logon to your website and edit pages, articles and even set it up if you’d like people to be able and comment on your articles and/or pages.

It’s simply much easier to start a site by selecting the way you want it to look and behave (by selecting a template), after which all you have to do is provide the contents (and trying to make it look good also helps of course).

As can be seen in the picture to the right, WordPress can make the process of writing very easy. Whether this is a blog or text for a webpage makes no difference.


Although WordPress is pretty good software by itself, the real power lies in its extensibility. There are thousands, if not millions, of people who wrote enhancements for WordPress.

These extensions can vary from a different theme (this determines how your website and blog look) right down to an extension which helps you to make it easier on search engines (like Bing and Google) to index your work.

Some extensions are commercial; the most are completely free of charge.

My 5 favourite plugins are:

  • Akismet; this plugin can help protect your blog against spammers.
  • WordPress SEO; this plugin helps you to optimize your site for search engines.
  • Ultimate TinyMCE; this plugin adds new features to the editor.
  • Broken Link Checker; the name says it all 😉
  • JetPack; this plugin allows you to use services from WordPress.com right on your own website.


Finally there’s WordPress.com, the website of the company behind WordPress. If you want to start your own blog and/or website then this is a good website to turn to in my opinion. By merely registering you’ll get the option to start your own blog with ease.

Of course its more fun (in my opinion that is) to host it all yourself. That way you won’t be hit by any possible limitations. For example; although WordPress.com provides many themes for you to use; a lot of those aren’t free of charge. Its a kind of “premium service”.

Needless to say, but if you host your own WordPress environment you won’t have to cope with all that. Instead you can select between thousands of freely available themes.

Of course WordPress.com can also provide much fun by merely reading and following other blogs. It hosts thousands of them so there’s bound to be something for your liking as well.


If you want to start hosting something on your own then WordPress.org is the place to start. From here you can download the WordPress software, check out several plugins, look around the community forums and basically get involved with the whole process.


But when working with all that and looking at all that keep in mind that in the end its thousands of people contributing and spending time to provide something totally free of charge.

So I kinda felt the need to write this “Thank you tribute”!  To all those people working hard for the sole intention of providing pleasure for others.

And now back to our regular program…