Musical tribute: Primadeluxe


In the 60’s – 70’s (way before my time mind you) there was a Dutch television program called the “Fred Haché show” which completely redefined television standards. It was a crazy show-like program in which totally absurd things happened. For starters; everything occurred in an house. Not something you’d expect from a television show in that time.

Then there’s the presenter of the show “Fred Haché” (played by Harry Touw), he was very short tempered and would easily start a swearing rant. And swearing on national television was not something very common during those days. Of course it didn’t stop there, quite the contrary.

From silly comical things: a performer is singing her song and Fred makes a comment about the “awefull noise”, closes a window and you no longer hear the singer anymore. Or absurd things; like Fred going to the toilet, which totally disintegrates on him, next you see him leave (swearing and ranting) with the seat around his neck and his pants down his legs.

And there was music, lots of it. Here you see Fred Haché and his assistant ‘Barend Servet’ sing their “hit song” Primadeluxe.

If you want to know a little more about the Fred Haché show then you might want to click “read more..” before starting the movie 🙂

The Fred Haché show

The show was thought up by “Wim T. Schippers” and performed by a variety of actors. It all played in an house where Fred would present his show, assisted by Barend, and which featured a wide variety of performers.

From famous (international) performers such as Tina Charles, Henri Salvador, The Beale Street band, Tere de Oro. But also national celebrities such as Patricia Paay, Ted de Braak, Edwin Rutte, Kees Schilpenoord and not to forget clown Oki Doki 🙂

All of that mixed into a show full of bizarre events and happenings. Where the most controversial aspect has always been the “blote dans” or “nude dance”. This would feature several naked ladies performing a dance of some sort, filled with so called “full frontal nudity”.

Nudity? On national television? That caused quite the uproar back then, it had never been done before. And even this was presented in a silly way; more than often did they show a man with totally fogged up glasses looking in disgust saying: “Bah!”.

A road through the houseAt one time the storyline even went so far that constructions workers came along to build a road right through the building during the show. Which in itself was reason for much slapstick comedy.

Complete with a grand opening of the road, after which the traffic could ride through, you see a scene of this in the picture to the left.

Totally bizarre and absurd humour, but extremely entertaining, if you’re into stuff like this of course.

To give a good impression of what kind of a show it was let me show you another take, here one celebrity (Kees Schilpenoord) visits his colleague to congratulate him with his birthday. The slapstick like effects as shown here were one of the shows specialities:

Here Kees (the guest) informs Fred that the performer we just saw was fake, after which Fred starts one of his famous rants. Followed by a very specific scene in which Fred presents his guest with a cigar. A very special cigar… 🙂


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