Musical tribute: Star Trekkin’


The Firm is an act created / performed by John O’Conner who would later be joined by Grahame Lister. They produced several songs in the 80’s, most of them with a rather silly or comical effect to them. However, I think the one song which most people will remember is ‘Star Trekkin’, a parody on the popular science fiction series ‘Star Trek’.

Star Trekkin’ was written by Rory Kehoe, the chorus lyrics were written by John O’Conner himself. During this time the group was also joined by guitarist Tony Thorpe.

What I consider to be a fun story is that after producing this song O’Conner approached several labels with it yet no one deemed it good enough to actually release it. Still fully believing in the song O’Conner decided to release it himself using his own label, and we all know the results…

While it may not have become one of the greatest hits of all time, its sure something many of us will fondly remember.



  1. Hahaha, I cannot belive it 🙂 When I was around 5 or 6 years old, I was on Mallorca with my parents. There was a Minidisco some evenings where they also played this song. The DJ actually made a music cassette mix for me. I have to look for it 🙂
    Thanks for this reminder.

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