Musical tribute: Skyrim theme music

skyrim logo

I haven’t been posting much lately, that’s because I’ve been extremely busy with work. Most of you probably haven’t noticed it, but has moved to a new server, I’m busy for work to move completely away from Linux servers to a FreeBSD server park. was one of the first (test) sites to get moved.

Alas, Skyrim is a roleplaying computer game which is set in the fantasy world of the Elder Scrolls. This is a fantasy series which finds its origin all the way back to 1992, so its needless to say that it has quite an history. It all plays down in Tamriel, a continent on a fantasy planet which is home to a wide variety of people and creatures. From humans in varies races right down to the well known Elves, Orcs and even dwarves (though they have been extinct for hundreds of years, save one).

What really marks Skyrim is its astonishing sound track. During fights, but also while wandering the country side you’re often greeted with beautiful orchestral arrangements, and the sound during a dragon fight truly is epic.

This has inspired many musicians all around the world, and two of them decided to team up and make their own “Skyrim movie”. Lindsey Stirling (link to official website) is an American violinist and dancer whereas Peter Hollens (link to official website) is a (pop) singer, writer and producer.

Not only does the music sound like a very realistic (and worthy) re-make of the original soundtrack, I also think the video clip is very well played out, in a true “Skyrim fashion”. I really enjoyed this one, and I hope you’ll do too.