Latest Live 9 update fixed Rewire


In a previous article, dated from the 10th of March no less, I mentioned that Live 9 introduced a nasty bug: due to a bug in its Rewire engine Live 9 made every other DAW(-like) program on your computer spit out an error during startup. That is: if the DAW(-like) program in question could also be used as a Rewire master.

It sure took them quite a long time, almost 2 months no less, but this week (7th of May 2013) update 9.04 got released. I gave it a test run on my PC this evening and I can indeed confirm that the error messages are now gone.

Live 9 released ahead of schedule?

I have to say that the 2 month “repair cycle” has strongly convinced me in my theory that Live 9 got released ahead of schedule. This theory got strengthened (in my opinion of course) due to comments on the Ableton forum that the bug was already discovered and reported during the beta testing period, but Ableton obviously didn’t follow up on it and eventually it surfaced in the official release as well.

Although this didn’t affect the Live workflow perse, I still think this was an extremely sloppy bug if you take into consideration that it resulted in error messages when starting any other DAW on one’s system apart from Live 9 itself.

You can read the release notes right here.