The loose ends on the website…

 …or put otherwise: all about the site and the perfect place for the legal stuff and some spam 

This is the place where I share some technical background info on the website as well as put up the credits for services and material(s) used on the website and/or the blog section. Not because I have to, but because I want to. I strongly believe in “credit where credit’s due” and this website is no different.

Recent site changes (last update: October 26, 2016)

Full rehaul of WordPress, zeeMagazine theme and all used plugins.

Added a tutorial on how to upgrade to Live 9 from Live 8.

Updated all synth tribute pages (Live, Reason & Max/M4l) and the overview page; removed specific version references and updated the pages to reflect on the current situation.

Added a tutorial page on ‘Hacking the APC40’. It basically is a trimmed down version of my blog posts about this subject. My blog posts also contain assumptions, ideas and failed attempts. This only lists proven methods and (semi) valid theories.

About the site

SynthFan is my hobby project which I use to share some of my experiences and opinions on synthesizers, sound synthesis and basically everything around it. Although I’m quite familiar with the way the Internet works on a technical level I’m simply not a site designer. After having used GoDaddy’s Website Tonight & Quick Blogcast services for quite a while I decided that I wanted something different and less restrictive. So I eventually setup a WordPress environment on my own server, exported all data from GoDaddy and imported this into the new environment best as possible.

Then to the dismay of several people things got quiet for a while since I didn’t have much time anymore to maintain the site. Fortunately that has changed a little, and now the website is fully back.

The legal stuff…

All logo’s, names and pictures which you find on my website (this includes my blog) are being used with explicit permission from their owners or part of their freely made available press material. And so, for the record, to make this as clear as possible here are the regular legal disclaimers and common remarks:

  • “Ableton”, “Ableton Live”, “Operator” and “Sampler” are trademarks of Ableton AG.
  • All logo’s related to Ableton, Ableton Live and Max for Live are the property of Ableton AG and are being used with their permission.
  • The Max for Live logo is also property of Cycling ’74 and part of their press material.
  • The Reason and ReWire logo’s are trademarks of Propellerhead Software AB and are being used with their permission.
  • ReWire is a trademark of Propellerhead Software.
  • VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
  • All used images of the Akai APC40 and MPD24 midi controllers are courtesy of Akai Professional.
  • All images of the Native Instrument products are the property of Native Instruments GmbH and part of their press material.
  • Java, Sun, Oracle are registered trademarks of the Oracle company.

And here are direct links to the websites of the companies mentioned above: Ableton, Akai Professional, Cycling ’74, Native Instruments, Oracle, Propellerhead Software and Steinberg.

Provided information with comments (or subscription)

When you write a comment on SynthFan you’ll be asked to provide a name (or alias obviously) and an e-mail address. Let it be well known that your e-mail address will never be used to contact you. Nor will your information ever be passed onto any 3rd parties.

The same applies to the subscribe feature in the menu on the right. If you decide to subscribe to the blog you can be assured that your e-mail address will only be used by my blogging software to inform you of new blog posts. I won’t send any weird e-mails, your e-mail address won’t be shared with others and most certainly not published on the site in any way.

SynthFan hates spam & e-mail abuse with a passion too, rest assured that we’ll do everything to prevent that from ever happening to you.

The technical stuff

SynthFan is build upon WordPress. Web software which can be used to create (and maintain!) your own website or blog. If you’re interested in WordPress then I suggest to visit their blogging website where you can even apply for a free blog (showing ads) of your own.

If you’re interested in the software then check out WordPress.org.

And if you do decide on starting a blog of your own then maybe you’ll like reading some of my early WordPress experiences.

I think moving to WordPress might honestly be one of the smartest things I’ve done with the website. Maintenance should now be a whole lot easier and I’m pretty sure to have solved the spam problem too. Heck, these days I can even add blog entries using my phone if I want to 😉

Most of all it allows me to keep the website & blog free from spam.

About the website contents

Obviously everything you see on my website has been written and setup by myself and as such I claim a copyright on every article, story or screenshot I’ve put online here. However, feel free to use whatever text you want as long as you make it clear that you’re using my material. So either by crediting me (‘ShelLuser’ or ‘SynthFan.info’) or referring back to my website. I do not allow the usage of the images I’ve put online since this also includes material which simply isn’t mine to give away. You can always contact me about using my self-made images like the screen shots and such.