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I’ve become aware of issues where you’d get 404 errors even though your browser didn’t mention anything about ‘File not found‘. This was due to wrong files being placed in the download section, this should now be fixed.

You can download material from all three sections by using the links in the menu to the right. But if you want to know more about a particular file then you should visit its associated webpage, see the menu above.

Ableton downloads

Some months ago I build myself the “Rubber band” instrument rack. Its basically Operator combined with a few sound effects which creates a rather funny sound which I somewhat associate with a rubber band. Because I was quite pleased with the critter I decided to share it on the Ableton forums and I even got some positive feedback as well. Including some very welcome tips on how I might expand on the preset.

And that made me decide to pull up a download page and provide some of the stuff which I managed to put together. Hope you’ll enjoy.

You can grab this stuff from the menu on the right.


Click here to download the presetSome time ago someone on the Ableton forum asked how one would build a siren sound in Ableton Live. Because I really like challenges like that I pulled up the Analog instrument and started building a siren effect of which I think it sounds decently well.

If you want to read more on how this device came to be then check out this blog post on ‘Making a Siren‘.

The device is not perfect since a siren should not only build up, but also slowly fade away again. Yet that is not possible with this device, but it does give you a good rough “siren like” sound.

There are several settings you can tune to make the siren behave differently.  Example; while it doesn’t “fade up and down” you can configure it to generate a “down ramp” of its down, thus allowing you to make a lowering sound manually.

Rubber band

Click here to download the presetMy very first “real” created sound. This should also be usable for people who don’t own Ableton Suite as well for people who haven’t upgraded to Live 8.2 (so who don’t have the Amp effect) since this is the first version I setup.

I think the controls speak for themselves.

The device consists of an Operator which uses 2 oscillators. You can change the frequency and transpose (this can give nice effects) as well as influence the frequency modulation by using the 2 blue controls at the bottom.

‘Osc Freq

Its a very interesting effect to look into with my M4LScope; you really get to see the click effect.

Rubber band – Amplified

Click here to download the presetThis is basically the same effect as mentioned above, only this one has a few improvements implemented. Amongst which support for the new Amp sound effect.

The main changes are the removal of the ‘volume’ and modulation frequency and level (volume) dials. Instead you now have the ‘Amp’ dial which controls the dry/wet of the Amp effect.

Next there is the ‘Reverb’ which controls the amount of reverb (thus providing for support for spacial sounds) and last but not least a dial which controls the pitch envelope.

While playing with Transp. in combination with Freq. and Amplify I managed to squeeze some very heavy distorted bass sounds out of it.


Click here to download the preset

This is my first attempt at using Collision to get a sound which should mimick the bells of the “lange jan” church located in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.  Now, I don’t claim that this is an actual representation of the sounds it creates, but its the kind of sound I can remember hearing back in my childhood while my parents and me were still living in the inner city.

And for those of you who wonder what “Kerkklok” means; that is Dutch for “Church bell”.


    1. Hm, so far I’ve only tested with MSIE & FireFox. Thanks for mentioning Safari, many people use a Mac to power their Synth after all.

      I’ll see if I can look into this.

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