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I’ve become aware of issues where you’d get 404 errors even though your browser didn’t mention anything about ‘File not found‘. This was due to wrong files being placed in the download section, this should now be fixed.

Ever since I upgraded from Reason 4 to version 6 I found myself using the program a lot more. Its not just an issue of having more devices and effects to play with, but the environment itself also feels a lot more mature now that Reason and Record have merged. And the best part is that despite that feeling of ‘maturity’ Reason still remains the specialized “different” kind of DAW it always was.

So here is my collection of Reason downloads; a selection of the stuff I’ve been playing with which I hope you can also enjoy. From combinators to instrument or effect presets. Rest assured that more will be added in good time.


Using one Pulsar to effect a whole sound score.

This is a combinator patch which I build to demonstrate the effect of amplitude modulation using the Pulsar dual LFO device.

Say you have a lot of devices which generate a cool sound and now you want to apply a ‘wobble’ to the whole sound score, what do you do?

I suppose you could try to hookup a 14:2 mixer device and get a dozen LFO’s to modulate the volume of each channel, but you can save yourself a lot of time and effort with a simple sound synthesis trick.

Just mix the sound signal of the Pulsar LFO with your sound score and you’ll immediately notice a wobble taking place. Sounds too good to be true? Then try it for yourself.


This is another combinator patch which demonstrates some Pulsar behaviour. I’ve build this to demonstrate how you can easily get LFO2 to modulate LFO1 which will then generate quite a specific wobble.

Warning: In order to use the above 2 combinator patches you’ll need to have the Pulsar rack extension.


This is the first combinator patch I build using Reason 4. There isn’t any logic behind its name, but its just something which popped into my head since the combinator basically consists of layered sounds created by Thor and Subtractor with some effects applied to them. It’s a rather simple combinator device, but I still like the sound it can generate.

Click here to download the presetThe easiest way to use this device is to make sure that incoming midi gets into the combinator. By default you’ll hear a rather sub-standard sound. The fun begins as soon as you turn on pattern devices (‘Run Pattern Devices’) and then activate the ‘Eq. effect’.

Now you’ll hear a sound which gets constantly changed by the 2 PEQ-2 equalizers.

Next you can turn on the Arpeggiator. This will most likely sound rather standard for Reason / Record users, but for Ableton Live users its something else indeed!

Finally, also a standard option in Reason/Record but unknown in Live: the ‘Arp. hold’ button. When pressing this one you only need to press a certain key combination once after which the patch will continue playing this on its own.

DO keep in mind that for these automated effects to work you will need to have ‘Run Pattern Devices’ turned on (or having started the global transport).

About my Reason downloads

All the Reason downloads which you can get from my website are provided as is for you to do with what you want. The only thing which I do not allow is sharing these presets yourself without crediting me for it.

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