Casio CTK4000

Casio CTK4000 electronic keyboard.Casio CTK4000 electronic keyboard

This is where it all started…

I’ve been intrigued with synthesizers and electronic music ever since I was a kid. In fact, I still have several audio cassette tapes with ‘electronic covers’ of famous soundtracks and music scores (from the Star Wars theme right to Oxygene IV and Aurora).

As such it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I eventually picked up a musical instrument to feed this ongoing curiosity. Knowing nothing about keyboards and synth gear at that time I ended up with this Casio keyboard because it sounded good, it felt very complete (in comparison) and most of all it was affordable as well (and I also like the grey colour scheme very much).

When I eventually learned that this device supported MIDI and from there learned of the existence of software synthesizers it was the beginning of the end 😎

A feature full keyboard

What I like best about the Casio is that it provides a large variety of sounds (570 in total), several music pieces to play with (152 songs) and on top of that 180 different rhythms.

The sequencer allows you to record plays and when you came up with some presets of your own you can easily store these. Providing a bank of 16 slots its more than enough for a keyboard. As long as it has power your presets will be saved inside the device, but you can also download them to your PC. However, you cannot edit them from there.

SO quite frankly this has everything I need to simply play some tunes and have some great fun doing it.

At the time of writing the Casio CTK7000 keyboard has been released but quite frankly I don’t feel like upgrading or expanding at all. When it comes to expansion then my soft synths have me fully covered.