Samson G-Track

The Samson G Track microphoneG-Track USB microphone

When it comes to my sound material most of it is synthetic. Not that surprising if you consider that my sole passion is involved around synthesizers.

However, at one point I started to take a little more interest in samples, especially after having spend several hours with so called sampled based oscillators. What started out as fiddling with Live’s Simpler instrument shifted to Sampler (thus providing more control over the samples itself) and eventually I wanted to get a microphone.

Microphone and sound interface

What I like best about the G-Track is that it combines several features into one device. Apart from creating your own samples this device also allows you to hook up extra devices like an extra instrument and a pair of headphones. Personally I’m especially interested in the line-in channel which it provides for the instrument. I eventually hooked up my Casio keyboard using this interface so that I can also fully utilize everything the Casio has to offer within my DAW environments.

One point of attention though: you get the best results when using an ASIO sound driver. Especially when using it on Windows.

The complete package

When you pickup the G-Track you get yourself a very complete package. Apart from the microphone and standard it also provides every cable you might need to hook it up. From the main USB cable to connect the microphone to your computer, right up to cables allowing you to connect a headphone or extra instrument(s).

Sound quality

The most important aspect if of course the overall quality of the sound. So far I’ve been using it mostly for samples and not so much for vocal recordings, but I’ve heard many positive stories from some of my friends who also ended up with this microphone.

A very affordable microphone which should easily suit any kind of workflow.