An overview of my tutorials

During the past years I’ve written quite a few posts on my blog which many people considered to be helpful. Some of those ended up to become tutorials off their own, the best example of that are my 4 posts which explain the concepts of Regular Expressions within Max (for Live).

More recently I finally found the time to write a tutorial on how you could best use my LOM.Navigator M4L patch, also explaining a little more on the theory behind the whole ‘Live Object Model’; which is needed to get a better understanding on how you can best access parts within Ableton Live.

A dedicated section

It started with a few blog posts, but when I ended up writing a new tutorial which contains several tips which can hopefully help people with planning on gear expansion(s) I decided that a dedicated section was in order, so here it is.

The ‘individual’ tutorials are both shown in the menu above as well as on this page. The “blog tutorials” (blog posts which could be considered a tutorial of their own) are only listed here.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

The ‘Site’ tutorials

LOM.Navigator РThis explains the theory behind navigating the Live Object Model and shows how you can use my LOM.Navigator patch.

Gear collection РA collection of tips which could help you with planning your gear expansion or with a start to build one.

Hacking the APC40 – This is work in progress. This tutorial explains several basics of how to gain access to the APC40 with Max for Live.

The ‘Blog’ tutorials

Regular Expressions, parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 – A collection of posts which explain the theory behind ‘regular expressions’ or regexps. Although these posts are focussed on using Max (‘/ M4L’) it can still be helpful for people only interested in regular expressions for usage in other areas.

An ongoing current project is ‘Hacking the APC40’. To get a list of all (slightly) relevant posts please check out the ‘APC40 tag page‘.

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